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Bank, Kick, Trick, & Fancy Shots

Bank shots are where the object ball contacts one or more rails before going into a pocket.
Kick shots are where the cue ball contacts one or more rails before contacting an object ball and kicking it in the pocket.
Trick and Fancy shots are mostly setup shots, although certain skill is required. Often at times, there will be a cluster of multiple balls set up in a specific configuration, so that all of the balls will go into their designated pockets.

The Titanic


This is a classic shot Mike Massey performs for his shows, but this is a super difficult shot, no doubt. The story of this shot is that all of the passengers on board the Titanic have fallen into the freezing water after the ship sanked. Such a sad story, which is why this shot needs to have a better name. If you order Mike Massey's trick shot book, this shot will be in there, and it will give you the info on how to set up the shot. Have fun learning this one.


D.O.D 13

Corner Stuffing


This is a shot I chose for my website because of how cool it looks when 3 balls travel to the corner pocket and everything else. I tried to get the 3 ball in but it keeps throwing off to the long rail. Solution? I added a jump cue butt so it will follow the 1 and 2 into the pocket. So here is the easier version of the shot, but I will redo this shot next time and try to get all the balls in without a jump cue butt to help the 3 ball.


Update 8/18/16: I figured out now how to set up this shot on old rails, so here's the original version of the same shot.


D.O.D 8



Eckert's Clear The Bank


Now this one was created by Ralph Eckert from Germany. He made appearances with this shot a couple of times on ESPN Trick Shot Magic, but the way the shot is done, it's a very pretty shot especially when it's filmed on camera. Watch it and see for yourself.


D.O.D 11


The Inspired Four


This is a shot I've seen performed on World Cup of Trick Shots 2013. Gabi Visoiu didn't had much luck, but newcomer Steve Markle nailed the shot even when the 2 and the 3 ball collided together before they went into the pocket. So here's the demonstration of the same shot, it's very pretty and I recommend it as a great crowd pleaser shot.


D.O.D 9

Backwards Bank Shot


Stefano Pelinga opened up this shot here back in 2000 for Trick Shot Magic and people still use this shot today. It became a standard Bank/Kick shot for the WPA Artistic Pool Championships and, it's a classic example of transfering spin to the 8 ball to bank off the long rail and into the side pocket.


D.O.D 8


Trick & Fancy Off Rail


A standard book shot from trick shot tournament, but this time the cue ball is on the short rail and you have to make the shot starting from there. Andy Segal pulled it off easily in the finals of Trick Shot Magic 2010, so for me, it not as difficult as to having the cue ball on the table, but for this version I will keep it here because of it's setup and how it's an "old dog new tricks" kind of shot.


D.O.D 8

Triple Reverse


A Mike Massey creation right here. The goal is to put extreeme left spin on the cue ball and hit short rail, then long rail, then short rail on opposite side of table. Cue ball then reverses it's spin to pocket the 8 ball. Word of advice, it's best to do this shot on new cloth because old cloth especially the rails, take the grip on the cue ball too much and make it spin out further from the long rail.


D.O.D 11


4 Ball Split


This here is a classic shot, and one of the easiest trick shots to learn. It can be found in the Artistic Cup book program on the Artistic Pool Players website, and learning the setup of this is fairly easy. I highly reccomend this to new beginners who are getting into trick shots, so have at it. :)


D.O.D 7

Red Sea


This here is another classic shot. It resembles Moses parting the Red Sea, but in some cases, some people called this the football shot. Here, the cue ball caroms off the 9 ball to hit the 2 ball and start a massive chain reaction to clear the path for the 1 ball to go into the side! It such a pretty looking shot, and will even look better when you place a small paper bag near the side if you GMD (Get My Drift). 


D.O.D 8



Any Questions


This is one of the best fancy trick shots I've ever seen in my life. You have the slam dunk variation of 5 balls and two extra balls to make the setup look like a question mark. The reason why I like to call it Any Questions was because of it's shape and how cool looking it is when executed. Watch it to see how amzing it looks.


D.O.D 9


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* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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