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Bank, Kick, Trick, & Fancy Shots

Bank shots are where the object ball contacts one or more rails before going into a pocket.
Kick shots are where the cue ball contacts one or more rails before contacting an object ball and kicking it in the pocket.
Trick and Fancy shots are mostly setup shots, although certain skill is required. Often at times, there will be a cluster of multiple balls set up in a specific configuration, so that all of the balls will go into their designated pockets.

Glanville's Droplet's


Glanville developed a timing shot where you slow roll all 4 balls to their designated pockets and then split the two balls before they all fall in. The Delta Racks are used to widen the pcokets for the first two balls. It's an interesting shot to look at because you got everyting happening at once and they all disappear in a matter of seconds, so it really captures the attention of spectators watching the shot and I can't think of a more interesting shot than what Glanville created here. It's an amazing creation, so watch it now to see how it works.


D.O.D 9

Zig Zag Bank


The shot was chosen by Jamey Gray during the WCOTS 2013 in Springfield, MA. The cue ball must bank two long rails and make the object ball in the corner pocket. Jamey Gray made it with ease, but Luke was able to regain Team Europe lead on his second attempt after resetting the aiming point for the cue ball. In the next video, the cue ball goes three rails which makes it more eye popping to watch. Enjoy!


D.O.D 9

Precise Banking


The shot was done by both Andy and Gordon. The goal is to shoot the 3 balls 3 rails and pocketed in the corner with no butt stick or Delta Rack. Andy did it with a breeze, but Gordon missed it both times because he didn't align the balls properly to the right aiming point. If possible, it be more interesting to see about 4 or more fall into the pocket as oppose to three, but in competitions, three is feasable.


D.O.D 10

Pelinga's Kicker


This shot was created by Stefano Pelinga himself for the 2011 World Cup of Trick Shots, and it's a crafty one here. He was able to make the shot on his first attempt, but Team USA had no clue on how to get the cue ball around three rails after the cluster. This shot is a classic to me because it shows how creative it is and how stylistic it looks. It's one of my favorites, so have at it.


D.O.D 9




Andy Segal won the 2008 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship on this shot here. He was in St. Petersberg, Russia, playing against Sebastian Giumelli from Argentina, and Sebastian missed all three balls. Andy, however, made the 9-ball in and the 11-ball, which won him the title. The video here shows how it's done, and maybe you should try the shot yourself, sometime soon.


D.O.D 10

Curt's Twist Around The Rack


It's a new variation that a friend of mine Curt Gelinas created back in 2014 for the UTS tour. It's the same shot by Tim Chin called "Tim's Twister", but the new goal is to get the cue ball around the Delta Rack and pocket the 3 ball in with help from a butt stick. It's a little challenging, but I should be proud for Curt thinking outside the box and making an old shot look brand new again. Good job Curt.


D.O.D 10



More "Split Hit" Variations


This is more variations of the original Split Hit shot by Andy Segal. The first one was created by Andrew "The Enigma" Sozio where he does the split and then split two balls on the spot before the first two balls cross each other again and roll into the corner pockets. The next one was based on an idea Dan Hosier had in mind on Faceboo. The cue is hit after the split to make the two balls on the spot before the first two crossover. So, I didn't created the shot, but Dan you got some great creativity going on for trick shots I see.


D.O.D 9

Trick Combo Shot


I can't think of a better name for Gordon Hedges creation since the shot is tricky to figure out at first. The cue ball hits the two "frozen" balls and the combination sets off until the 9 ball is kicked to the left and pocketed in the corner. Gordon used this shot on me, but he was unable to get the 9 ball in. I tried it for the first time (in forever) and I was able to figure out his trick to the shot. If you want to try the shot, I reccomend you to figure out how it's setup properly.


D.O.D 9

Andrew's Compression


One of Andrew Sozio's creations right here. He took the original Compression Kick Back shot from the book program and added on some props for the cue ball to go somewhere instead of just moving away from the 8-ball. I also added another object ball near the side pocket just to add more flavor to it. Good job Andrew for transforming an old shot into a new one. :)


D.O.D 6

Spin Push Shots


This video here is a series of spin push shots that you can do at home. Allen Hopkins had always demonstrated trickshots in between tournaments for ESPN in which he picks ones for viewers who may want to try it on their own pool table at home. So in the video, the shots are rather basic, but can be something fun for people to try at home if they have a pool table. Most of them I've seen Tom Rossman do in his shows for pool spectators, and they are rather easy to do if you know what I mean.


D.O.D 7

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* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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