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Bank, Kick, Trick, & Fancy Shots

Bank shots are where the object ball contacts one or more rails before going into a pocket.
Kick shots are where the cue ball contacts one or more rails before contacting an object ball and kicking it in the pocket.
Trick and Fancy shots are mostly setup shots, although certain skill is required. Often at times, there will be a cluster of multiple balls set up in a specific configuration, so that all of the balls will go into their designated pockets.

Gordon's Triple Rail Reverse


It's basically the same shot from the shot program, but Gordon Hedges added on another object ball in which the cue ball knocks it in after smacking the 8 ball three rails. It's a nice add on for a change, but I think this should be modified into the book program in the near future. It's not all that difficult, but can be interesting to see two things happen at once.


D.O.D 6

7 Rail Kick w/ Helper


So in a tiebreaker during the tournament, they mainly choose this shot to determine who will move on to the finals in Trick Shot Magic. Whoever is closest to the $100 dollar bill will move on to the next round. Instead, my version includes moving my stick near the corner pocket for the cue ball to be guided and pocket the 8 ball in the corner pocket near where the dollar bill should be. I think I may have created a new shot here, but this is clearly a no-brainer here. :)


D.O.D 10

Marty's Bank Shot


Marty Carey brought up this bank shot for the UTS tour back in 2014, but I first saw this shot on YouTube where he was at the Allen Hopkin's Super Billiards Expo 2013 doing the exact same shot. I think this shot can possibly be found in the shot book program. If not, then who created the shot? I guess I'll have to go with Marty Carey because he's the only guy I know that brought up this shot to past tournaments. Do you think so?


D.O.D 9

Compression Timing Shot


This shot is based on the original shot from the book program as well. Instead of going into the corner pocket, the 8-ball banks off the long rail and the butt stick stops it near the opposite corner pocket for the cue ball to knock it in. It may look easy, but it's nice to see what possibilites can be made from a simple bank shot. Try it out!


D.O.D 7

Tom Rossman's Starburst


Tom Rossman was in Jackson, MI where he performed this shot in front of fellow APA pool league competitors. He shoots all of them in in 5 seconds and it's a great crowd pleasing shot actually. The first one shows me shooting them two handed, but in the next one, I shoot them in one-handed. For your viewing pleasure, just watch the video to see why it is such a pretty shot, but maybe you to can try it at home if you know how to set them up. :)


D.O.D 8

The Butterfly


The Butterfly is an oldie trick shot that is still a popular shot as of today. I've recently saw Dude Perfect with Florian Kohler made the shot on video and it still holds up with being an interesting shot despite how old this shot is. Watch and see all of the balls disappear in their designated pockets. :)


D.O.D 8


Just Showing Off - One-Handed


This is a shot I saw Dave Nangle and Marty Carey perform at the Ultimate Trick Shot Tour in Southington, CT. The shot is completely the same except you have to shoot the cue ball one-handed. A butt is there for support in case it doesn't reach the pocket. The object ball on top of a chalk makes the shot even more difficult, so have at it guys. Try it and see if you can master the balance and technique. :)


D.O.D 10

Air Raid


This is like the starburst shot from earlier, but this is where the balls fall in into the pockets along the long rail. This is harder because of how much top spin you need in order for the onject balls to go into the corner pockets exactly. I first did it two-handed, and then I did it one-handed. The shots tougher than you think though. I would just reccomend more of Tom's version because his is more advatageable than this version, but still enjoy.


D.O.D 9

Perfect Square


Team USA pulled out this hard shot for WCOTS 2013. The goal is to pocket all the balls within 90 seconds! The cue ball cannot touch a rail, and it can not touch another ball. You can chose whatever ball you want it to start off, and it doesn't matter what order as long as you set up the cue ball for the next shot. Just make sure you have good technique of drawing and spinning when contacting an object ball. Try it, it can be a tedious shot, but the success of it is very rewarding. :)


D.O.D 10

Beat The 1


This is a shot I saw Tim Chin did on his website called "3 & 3 with Pacer", but in my version, I went with the "Beat the 8" name by Andy Segal which he used for one of his trick shots he demonstrated in his Howcast trick shot series. You'll love this one as much as I did when executing the shot.


D.O.D 8

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* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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