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Bank, Kick, Trick, & Fancy Shots

Bank shots are where the object ball contacts one or more rails before going into a pocket.
Kick shots are where the cue ball contacts one or more rails before contacting an object ball and kicking it in the pocket.
Trick and Fancy shots are mostly setup shots, although certain skill is required. Often at times, there will be a cluster of multiple balls set up in a specific configuration, so that all of the balls will go into their designated pockets.

Just Showing Off Inverted


This is one where revised an old trick shot Pavel made a concept of back in 2008. Here I added the old three cluster balls from "Just Showing Off" shot and when you combine them together, I discovered, it became known as the "Just Showing Off Inverted". I came up with the name for it, but Pavel Paledno developed the concept of it. I love this shot, and I hope you as well.


D.O.D 9

Eckert's Chaser *


Invented by Ralph Eckert, he originally calls this "The Chaser", but I changed it up to name it after him. You bank the 1-ball off the rail and have it follow the cue ball to the 5-ball hanging by the pocket on the opposite site. You can either scratch the cue ball after pocketing the 1-ball or you can have it move aside for the 5-ball to slide on by. Either way is both clean and legal.


D.O.D 8



JN Fantastic Five


It's a pretty easy set-up shot here that was invented by Jamison Neu "The Military Guy". Keep in mind of the tangent lines to where the two ball goes as w'ell as the four ball. It's quick, it's pretty, I guarentee that it'll be one of your favorites.


D.O.D 6

Combo Shot


An old trick shot Pavel executed back in 2008. You have the combo of three balls per combination, and the shot is really all about setting up your combinations to where the impact ball can go to the next combination at the exact measurements to impact the next combination to make the object ball. Watch the video, and you'll see what I mean.


D.O.D 5

Just Showing Off + 7 Balls


Of course I know the "Just Showing Off" by heart, but this is my first camera take and first time trying this type of shot. I make the combination of the original first, then I make sure I don't hit the 5-ball as the cue ball goes around three rails, then quickly, I pocket 7-balls into the side before the cue ball makes the 12-ball. I did one where I have to shoot 8 balls into the side, but the last one flew out because the pocket by then was full.


D.O.D 11

The Spinning Bank *


Andy Segal created this shot here, but it's actually harder than it looks. You apply spin to the 2-ball and pocket it in the corner pocket. Afterwards, with the 1-ball still spininng, take the cue ball and hit the 1-ball and bank off the short rail, past the 3-ball to pocket the 5. I guarentee that you will not find this easy, if it isn't for you, you just became a pro in trick shots.


D.O.D 10

Split Hit *


An old trickshot I saw somewhere back in 2007. I split the two balls, and they go down opposite paths to make their way to the corner pockets. Aim straight, shoot with loads of power, and this will all come easy for you. Also, for a bonus, here's Andrew "The Enigma" Sozio's version that he created a little while ago this year.


D.O.D 6

Ultra Thin Bank *


This is a shot I recently executed from the 2014 WPA Artistic Pool Championships. I aim for the left side of the 3 and apply left spin english. The cue ball banks off the 3-ball, and off the long rail, and hits the masse stick pocketing the 1 and the 2 while the 3-ball rolls down to hit the stick and pocket into the corner with the 2-ball. A little advice here, it's best to have enough room for the cue ball to bank off the 2-ball and go away from the pocket for the 3-ball to roll right in.


D.O.D 8

6-Rail Kick *


This is a trick shot from the Bank/Kick category of the WPA Artistic Pool Championship Program. Shoot the cue ball with loads of power and the cue ball will go four rails, roll along down the cue sticks, and hit two more rails to pocket the 5-ball. Also, to point out an important detail, you have to use left spin english to get it going fast for 6-rails around the table. That's my best advice for you, so have a go at it.


D.O.D 5

Stop Ball Shot *


On this shot from the Artistic Pool Shot Program. The cue ball stays in the same spot where the object ball is, and the 8-ball banks off the short rail, and come back to knock off the cue ball and into the side pocket. It's a hard one, but be sure not to use too much force on the 8-ball or otherwise the spin will not take into effect so easily, therefore, going past the cue ball or knocking it off on the opposite side of the pocket.


D.O.D 9

* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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