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Jump Shots

Jump shots are where a cue ball or an object ball leaves the table surface. For straight jump shots, it is usually done with a jump cue. It is shorter and lighter than a normal playing cue, and it requires a very hard special tip. Although jump shots are generally utilized to jump the cue ball over obstructing balls, including a stroke directly into an object ball, or into a cushion with jump action, they are usually sometimes executed with a normal playing cue.

Progression Jump


This is a shot I saw Andy Segal executed in his Howcast Trickshot video series. I jump 1, and then 2, and then worked my way up to jumping 5 balls! It turns out I can even jump 6 balls at once, but that will be shown later as I add more trick shots to my website.


D.O.D 14

Four Triples *


This is one of Dave Nangle's creation and can be seen on ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2009 by Andy Segal. This is where I have three jump cues in my hands and jump three balls at the same time. This is my first camera take on this shot!


D.O.D 12

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Quick In & Out *


This is a shot Steve Markle created as well. You have to quickly jump the cue ball into the Delta Rack and jump it again out of the rack and pocket the object ball. Here I added an extra row of balls to make it harder. This is one of my favorites on the list.


D.O.D 12

Markle Madness *


Steve Markle's creation right here. I have two jump cues in my hands, and I hit the cue ball first to start off the shot. After that, I quickly jump 3 sets of balls into the corner pocket before the cue ball rolls in. A classic Markle shot, and it's pretty to look at even from table top view.


D.O.D 10

Double Popper Jump *


This shot only works with the "Dr. Popper" Jump Cue, but I think this shot was created by Florian Kohler. I jump the cue ball over the first row of balls and as it rolls I jump over the second row of balls to knock the 8-ball in. This shot is a hard one, but it can even be done with three rows of balls!


D.O.D 10

High Bar *


This is a shot Andy Segal executed on ESPN and in his Howcast trickshot video series on YouTube. You hit the ball with the Dr. Popper, and send the cue ball flying through the air and over the cue shaft hanging through the Delta Racks. In fact, this is made specifically for the "Dr. Popper" Jump Cue.


D.O.D 12

9-Ball Contortion *


One of the shots I've seen in Andy Segal's Cue Magic Book. Here we have 9-balls, and each of them have to be made in order to their asigned pockets. The time limit here is suppose to be 18 seconds, but here I did it in 14 seconds.


D.O.D 10

Color Wheel


This is one that I've seen from a picture at the Masters Championship. It was created by Jamey Gray, and the goal is to jump the balls in order around in a circle, and pocket them into the designated pockets. It can be done with both a Eric Yow Jump Cue or the Dr. Popper.


D.O.D 10

Back Atcha *


This is created by Andy Segal for the 2010 ESPN Trick Shot Magic. I lean forward to pocket the object ball towards me and over the jump stick. I come back to the other side and repeat the same shot. It can be done by switching hands in the mean time, but for now, this shots hard enough to execute. Little reminder here, just be careful not to hit your balls!


D.O.D 10

Nick's Lefty Righty Speed Jump *


One of Nick Nikolaidis famous trick shots. You have 5 balls on each side, and you have to switch hands every time after you jump an object ball over the cue stick. Nick's record was 18 seconds, but here I did it in 13 seconds! Guess I'm gonna be the next Quick Nick in the near future.


D.O.D 10

* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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