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Jump Shots

Jump shots are where a cue ball or an object ball leaves the table surface. For straight jump shots, it is usually done with a jump cue. It is shorter and lighter than a normal playing cue, and it requires a very hard special tip. Although jump shots are generally utilized to jump the cue ball over obstructing balls, including a stroke directly into an object ball, or into a cushion with jump action, they are usually sometimes executed with a normal playing cue.

Will's Prison Jump


I decided to call this shot my own because this one has the cue ball jumping out of the prison and sneaking under the rack for cover and shelter from the police. That's my story, but this is how Gabi set up the shot here for Trick Shot Magic. He added the rack propped on object balls to make the shot easier for him. He made it on his first attempt with ease, but Florian followed him up as well with an even lead. This however, is my own add on because of the way how the cue ball sneaked underneath the rack to pocket the 9 ball.


D.O.D 11


Timing Jump


This shot is part of the Artistic Pool Program and an extension of the "Hustler Bank" shot from the movie Christopher Walkin was in. I forgot the name of it, but I'll find out about it soon. Now the trick is to duplicate the shot from the original version, but with a jump, so a jump cue is required here. It's not so difficult, but I can reccomend an Eric Yow! Jump Cue because I used it here for the demonstration and it works wonderously. 


D.O.D 8


Gabi's Behind the Back Jumps w/ Chopsticks


I know it's a long name for a trick shot, but I don't know what else to call it. Go behind the back lefty and righty for the first four balls, but then you have to triple jump the last three balls in the other corner pocket for the challenge to be completed. Gabi brought it up, but it was too difficult for both Gabi and Florian to execute. From watching ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2014, I would have to say the next big challenge for trick shots in general is to jump high behind the back both lefty and righty, not only that, but with time limits! Every year trick shots get more and more crazy.


D.O.D 11

Florian Double Jump


This is where it's like the original double popper jump from ealier before, but you have to jump a second time and split the two cue balls to pocket the hanging balls. The other one is where the object balls split and fall into the pockets. This was recently seen on both Dude Perfect and Trick Shot Magic, but somehow, Florian couldn't do it on ESPN and Andy got away with making the shot. W'ell, Practice, practice, practice...


D.O.D 10

Roll & Jump


The whole objective is to first roll the 1 and 2 ball to the long rail and as they come back jump the 1 ball, catch it and pocket it in the side. The same goes for the 2 ball before it hits the long rail back. Repeat the shot again for the 3 & 4 ball and the shot is complete. On the other hand, Gabi pulled this shot out on ESPN and when he was finished catching the 4 ball, he slipped it into his pants pockets and began shaking his pelvis like Elvis. hahaha. Gabi's just so goofy sometimes. :)


D.O.D 9

Extreme Over & Under


This is the updated version of an old shot from the late 19th century, but it's about time we can jump higher than the cue bridge. Abram Diaz made an even more extreme version where he jump draw over the cue shaft held by the Delta Racks and was able to have it come back underneath to make the combo. I can't jump that high, but this shows how high I can get. And no, I don't smoke. hahaha. I used a mini pool table, two sets of balls in their ball trays and a shaft used as a bar for the cue ball to jump over and draw back. Maybe in the near future I might update it to where I can go higher, but this is good enough for now.


D.O.D 10

Rooster's & Hen's


In 2009 Team Europe and Team USA were in the finals, and Tom Rossman brought up this shot that requires shooting all of them into the air, catching them, and pocketing them in the pockets. It has to be done in less than 40 seconds, but I got mine done in 25 seconds, so maybe 30 seconds next time Tom? I'm just saying because 40 seconds seems too much time to do the shot. So, here's Tom Rossman's special shot he created for the WCOTS 2009, and Enjoy! :)


D.O.D 9

Venom's Quick Catch


Florian brought this shot out against Andy Segal, but he failed to make the object ball as he throws the object ball in the air. Andy had the same effect and he couldn't pull it off as well. I should tell you that the reason a playing cue is there is because it's shows how high you can throw the ball in the air. If you go pass the butt end, the shot is no good. So, practice throwing the ball in the air before doing the actual shot. This will help you get a feel of it when switching positions quickly.


D.O.D 11

Jump & Catch


Jamey Gray made it look so easy for TSM 2010 that Andy had to be really careful at this shot. So, this shot of course has a time limit of 24 seconds, and it has to be done perfectly. Slow roll the 1, and then jump the 2 ball, catch it, pocket it, and shoot the 1 in the opposite side. Repeat the sequence until the last ball is made. The balls on top of the chalks are there as a line for the object ball to go pass and into the striking zone. Andy, of course, nailed the shot and got a 2 point lead on Jamey Gray. If you want to try it, be my guest.


D.O.D 10

Wide Chopstick w/out Adjustment


Ok, long story short. Andy Segal pulled this shot out on me back in 2014 for the Ultimate Trick Shot tour and I failed to duplicate his success because of my lack of experience with this shot. After that, he won the match and I ended up in the 7th/8th/9th ranking system due to the whole scoring system being round robin. I was done and felt defeated, so I decided to get back at him by teaching myself this same shot and it's more difficult than you think. You have to do the adjustment all in the same hand! Now I advise you to learn this shot while adjusting the cues with your other hand because it's just for your own sake, but next time Andy, next time.


D.O.D 11

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* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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