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Jump Shots

Jump shots are where a cue ball or an object ball leaves the table surface. For straight jump shots, it is usually done with a jump cue. It is shorter and lighter than a normal playing cue, and it requires a very hard special tip. Although jump shots are generally utilized to jump the cue ball over obstructing balls, including a stroke directly into an object ball, or into a cushion with jump action, they are usually sometimes executed with a normal playing cue.

Timing Swing Jump


This trick shot was created by Team USA when they were competing in the World Cup of Trick Shots 2011. This shot is all about timing. If you look closely at the video, you can tell on when you must bounce the ball after the rack passes back and forth. If you watch closely and know when to jump, you should have no problem.


D.O.D 11

Easy Jump Button


I had no idea what to called this shot when I first used it in the 2015 World Championships and nailed it on the third attempt. It's like doing the easy button shot, but requires jumping the object balls over the blocker/object balls. Not many players could master this shot because it's more of a top-ranked player kind of trick shot. If you are capable of juggling the cue ball while doing other shots at the same time, I highly reccomend this shot. More importantly, this shot is one of my favorites that I'll be using for my shows.


D.O.D 10

Pelinga's Out of Rack Jump


This shot is a similar format of the Out of Rack jump shot, but what's different about it is that the cue ball and the 8-ball have to go completely over the three blocker balls. So I guess you can say this is more of a harder version of the same classic shot. Have everything set up the way it's shown in the video and keep a 20 degree angle on the cue stick. Everything else, you'll be good to go.


D.O.D 10

Dave's Round Rack Jump


Unfortunately, the company that made the round racks aren't available anymore, so the delta rack is my only replacement for this type of jump shot. The cue ball hops over the rack and follows the object ball into the corner pocket. The rack is there for extra room in case the cue ball doesn't exactly have enough room to fall in the pocket. Both balls are in hand, but cannot go pass the 2nd diamond line towards the corner pocket where the Delta Rack is located.


D.O.D 10

6 Jumps Through Spinning Racks


A classic trick shot with the spinning rack as an add on. This shot was made famous by the 2014 World Champion Nick Nikolaidis, and each ball has to be jumped after each full rotation. For that matter, I used homemade cues tied together with a rubber band and a string to tie the rack to the tied cue sticks. Maybe one day, I'll do a quick video to show you how you can do it at home using simple things around your house.


D.O.D 9

Rossman's Rainbow Shots


This shot was used by Tom Rossman back in 2010 for ESPN Trick Shot Magic, and it's a shot where it requires jumping over the shafts and catching them in the air. I think that the time limit is 30 seconds, but since I've been so confident with this trick shot, I did it in 20 seconds. It's a fun shot, and remember to have the shot set up the same way as in the video.


D.O.D 9

Long One-Handed Jump


This is another shot that was used by Mike Massey during the Trick Shot Magic competition back in 2008. The cue ball is placed within the 1 X 1 diamond zone, jumped one-handed through the rack on two chalks, and makes the hanger ball. Now the cue ball has to stay on the table or otherwise the shot is no good. Just so you know.


D.O.D 10

Jump Escape Combo


The Jump Escape shot, but a mini version of it. The cue ball hops over the blocker balls and then hits the combo balls to make the 9-ball. I've seen this shot from the 2nd semi-final of Trick Shot Magic when Mike Massey used this shot against Andy Segal back in 2008. It's an easy shot that you can do, so give it a try on your own pool table.


D.O.D 8

Hopping Out


This shot was used by Eric Yow during the 2008 Trick Shot Magic semifinal #2. The cue ball can be frozen to the object ball or it can be a ball or so away from it. Be sure you use a jump cue because it gives you a better advantage of executing the shot. If not, then go for a playing cue if you are a ball or so away from the object ball. Try it for yourself because either way works. 


D.O.D 10

Tom's Starburst Jump


The starburst shot was invented by Tom "Dr. Cue Rossman" and this is the add-on version to it where you jump the middle balls into the corner pocket. Each set has a one-ball spacing in between, and there is a one-ball spacing in between the two blocker balls. A chalk is there to jump over as well. You can use a dart grip or an under hand grip, either way can work for any player as long as you know which one is comfortable for you when executing. It's a fun one to try, so get to it. :)


D.O.D 10

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