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Jump Shots

Jump shots are where a cue ball or an object ball leaves the table surface. For straight jump shots, it is usually done with a jump cue. It is shorter and lighter than a normal playing cue, and it requires a very hard special tip. Although jump shots are generally utilized to jump the cue ball over obstructing balls, including a stroke directly into an object ball, or into a cushion with jump action, they are usually sometimes executed with a normal playing cue.

Bank, Jump, and Catch


A simple shot and one you can find in Mike Massey's pool trick shot book. The goal of the shot is to bank the 8-ball of the rail and be pocketed into the opposite corner pocket. Also, you have to make the cue ball fly into the air and catch it after it hit the 8-ball. I reccomend you practice on where you would place the cue ball to make it fly up after contact. It's tricky, but it wows your crowd. ;)


D.O.D 9

SG Jump Shot


This shot was created by Sebastian Giumelli as well. The cue ball hops over the blocker balls and curves around the obstacles to make the hanger ball. For my choice of obstacles, I used glass bottles, and thankfully they have not been smashed yet by the cue ball. It's best to start off without the obstacles if you are new to this shot. Also, ball is in hand on this shot and behind the blocker balls. 


D.O.D 9

Double One-Handed Jump


This is a simple, but easy jump shot that about 90% of trick shot artist could do. Back when it was used for 2005 and 2006 trick shot magic, it was hard for almost half of the trick shot artist around the world. Nowadays, these shots are a no brainer to the majority of them. I remember Eric Yow and Tom Rossman used this shot in 2009 Trick Shot Magic, and it was way too easy for them. It's great for those who are new to the sport, but I recommend that you should learn this for a while and then move on from these easy shots.


D.O.D 6

Coin Wrapper Split w/ Jump


Sebastian Giumelli typically uses this shot in his shows back home in Argentina. It's like doing the classic coin wrapper shot, but with a little jump at the end. You have to be quick in order to make the shot possible. What I reccommend is you cut one of the coin wrappers to make the balls set up like in the video. Another way you could do is combine two of them to make it taller than the other wrapper.  


D.O.D 9

Close Bank Jump


A classic shot used in the current World Artistic Pool Championships. The cue ball has a one-ball spacing from the blocker balls, and you must use a Marty Carey "Jump Q" or a "Popper" to make the shot work. Chances are that if you aim for the third diamond, you will make the hanger ball every time. Eric Yow and Tom Rossman missed it during 2009 Trick Shot Magic. It's because they applied english, so for this shot, don't use english.


D.O.D 9

Timing Steam Roller


This shot was used in the final match of the 2008 Trick Shot Magic tournament, and it's quite an easy one to execute. The only requirement you may need for this shot is the oversize 8-ball from Tim Chin. Also, you need a stacker ball for the object ball on top to fall off after knocking in the stacker ball. You also need a jump cue to work. Any kind would do for this type of shot. If you have the requirements, you are good to go on trying this shot.


D.O.D 8

The Quad Jump


This shot was done by Florian Kohler who attempted this shot back in 2015 on video. This shot is very very hard to execute, but it all goes down to how much jump and draw you give to the cue ball during each jump. Some people have tried jumping over three obstacles, but not often four. So this is another one of those shots that places Florian and I as the only current trick shot artists that can do shots like this. Just remember, this shot requires a "Popper" or a Marty Carey "Jump Q". Either or works fine for me, and if you ever tried to attempt this shot, good luck getting it down because you'll be in the pool room for a while. :/


D.O.D 13

One-Handed - Jump Passing Lane


It's one of Gabi Visoui's trick shot submissions that was used for the 2010 Trick Shot Magic exhibitions. Like the classic jump shot, this one is done one-handed and a coin wrapper supports the second object ball after the jumped ball knocks the wrapper off. It's difficult to do, but it's worth a try because of what happenes during execution. Follow the setup as in the video, and you should have no problem.


D.O.D 10

Tim's Rainbow Catch & Release


Tim Chin pulled out this shot during the 2011 Freestyle tournament. I can't really say if he created that shot, but I can tell it's a new variation of the same trick shot concept. These days, trick shots are hard to create because of the massive creativity over the past ten years since 2006. Often now, if a shot someone creates looks similar to the original creation by whom, it's considered a new variation. The first part is easy, but the throwing can be tricky, so practice that first before trying the shot out for yourself.


D.O.D 10

Florian's Double Jump plus One


Florian wowed the crowd with this new variation of the double jump shot. It was during the 2011 Freestyle tournament and it can be difficult at times to know how to do this quickly. The add on I added in for this shot is I added a butt stick barrier for the second cue, so it can be a little tricker for me to do. The rack is there in case if the cue ball flys off the table. Rule of thumb to remember: Always remember that the cue ball must stay on the table during each torunament except for ESPN trick shot magic. I love this shot, and so will you.


D.O.D 10

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