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Jump Shots

Jump shots are where a cue ball or an object ball leaves the table surface. For straight jump shots, it is usually done with a jump cue. It is shorter and lighter than a normal playing cue, and it requires a very hard special tip. Although jump shots are generally utilized to jump the cue ball over obstructing balls, including a stroke directly into an object ball, or into a cushion with jump action, they are usually sometimes executed with a normal playing cue.

Speed Demon with Timer


This shot was variated by Jimmy Glanville from UTS Tour. I couldn't do a 12 ball version because, A. I don't have room for 13 balls in one pocket. and B. I don't have rails to return the balls back to head of the table underneath. So for a 9 ball version should do for now. The chalenge here is to change positions from re-hitting the cue ball three rails again to jumping a row of balls in the meantime. The video shows how it's done, and I hope to see you do this shot in the near future. :)


D.O.D 10

Swipe Backwards Jump


The Swipe Backwards Jump is based on the same idea from Nick Nikolaidis on swiping the balls down to the short rail and jumping them over an obstacle as they are moving. Dave Nangle, recently made a backward version of it where you swipe the balls to the short rail, and then jump them over into the side pcoket as they are moving. Sometimes, it's best to start taking an old idea and transform it into a new trick shot as to what I stated earlier.


D.O.D 10

Marty's Double Jump


Marty "The Farmer" Carey showed this one online not to long ago, but he brought it up again for the UTS tour, but I never challenged him on this shot yet, but I've been willing to give it a try. For Marty Carey, he used two of his Jump Q's to jump both balls over, but I used my stinger jump cues in the video here. GIve it a try and see if you can conquer it.


D.O.D 10

Quick Speed Jump


Andy Segal created this simple but hard shot. Here's the goal. Move the rack to the short rail. The three balls will roll out from the end point, and then jump all three before they stop rolling and/or hit the bottom rack. It's a nice little shot Andy made, and it's a fresh new one I should say because I never seen one like this before. It's another favorite of mine, so enjoy.


D.O.D 9

Backwards Timing Jump


Okay, this was more or less based on an idea from the facebook group Artistic Pool Players. The idea is to jump over the butt and jump it backwards into the side before it hits the butt stick coming back. Now, Dave Nangle made a more difficult variation of this shot where he added two balls to be pocketed before the 3-ball.


D.O.D 11

Double & Triple Back Atcha *


This is the original version of the Double Back Atcha with the Delta Racks. It may seem all that easy, but in reality it is not. Sometimes, if you had unsuccessful attempts on making the shot, you will began to have lower back pain. This is due to leaning over too often and maybe spraining your back. Also, for a bonus, I provided a triple version where Dave Nangle variated at a recent UTS tour. So, it "is" possible to jump three balls back.


D.O.D 11

Marty's "Q" Jump


In Marty Carey's Jump Q commercial, there was a shot that I believed it happened to be a trick shot right on the spot. If you are familiar with the commercial, at around 1:40 mark, you should see the same exact shot like this one here. So I believed Marty Carey created this shot, and there is no doubt in my mind that somebody else might have created this shot other than Marty. I also used his jump cue to demonstrate how his jump cue works efficiently.


D.O.D 11

Glanville's Split Jump


Glanville made a version of his own 6 ball shot that he used in the Ultimate Trick Shot Tour a while ago. He jumps the 1 ball, and then the 2 ball over and after they bounce off the short rail, he jumps the cue ball out of the rack to split the two balls into the pockets. After that, the first two balls fall into the opposite corner pockets. I find it easy to execute, but it's pretty to look at when it's done right.


D.O.D 9

Andy's Wing Jump


This shot was created by Andy Segal as well. Although, the setup may not be as difficult as it looks, but it's nice to see what new shots are created every so often under the "Wing" shot category. However, the difficult part here is to jump the cue ball at the right moment for to pocket the 1 ball as it's moving. Maybe, just maybe, it's possible to do it both ways like lefty and righty just to make it more interesting, but I'll let you get on with the imaginative possibilities on what you can re-create out of this type of shot.


D.O.D 8

Triple Chopsticks with Spinner


Finally, the best for last. Triple Chopsticks with Spinner. This shot was recently varited by Andy Segal where he took Triple Chopstick with Timer, and added on another row of balls to jump over on the opposite side and used spinning balls as timer's for each set of balls to jump over OH. I think you have to do righty and lefty for both sets, but I did mine with using my lefty. If I have the time, I will switch it up with using both hands instead of my left hand. I love this shot, and if you feel determined to try a shot like this, then good luck and have fun with it. 


D.O.D 11

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* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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