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Masse Shots

Masse shots are ones where the cue ball is loaded up with lots of spin, deviates from its obvious straight line path and curves on its own without hitting a rail or an object ball. This includes pique shots which are very similar to masse shots, but the cue ball come backs against the directional stroke.
Masse-Jump shots are where the cue ball jumps over an obstruction and makes a curve around the object balls or other props on the table.

The Soft Masse *


This is a shot I saw on World Cup of Trick Shots 2013, and it was created by Eric Yow. The goal here is to not pocket the 1-ball, but move it a little bit to knock off the coin. The trick here is to swipe the cue stick away as you masse the cue ball. Here I did it with ease.


D.O.D 10

Machine Gun Masse


This here is a classic one. I have the cue ball stuck in the alley, and my goal here is to masse it down past the row of balls and pocket the 8-ball. Watch and listen to the clicking noise that the cue ball makes, it's amazing. This is why it's one of my favorite trick shots.


D.O.D 8

The Accidental Masse *


Here's another Andy Segal trick shot creation from his howcast video series on YouTube. I apply top-left english to the cue ball, and it bounces off the 1-ball and curves around the 9-ball to hit the 5-ball near the pocket. It's even possible to make it without the butt stick just so you know. 


D.O.D 9

Stacked Masse *


One of Andy Segal's specialties here. The cue ball is on a stacker ball, and I must masse the cue ball over the rack and spin back to pocket the 8-ball. On a side note, if the stacker ball hits the 8 ball in after the cue ball hits the Delta Rack and fails to pocket it in. The shot is no good.


D.O.D 11




Bogdan's Masse *


This shot here was at first developed by the famous Bogdan "The Wizard" Wolkowski, but redeveloped by Eric Yow for a trick shot competition. I masse the cue ball out of the rack, and the cue ball zips on down the table passing the chalk blocks to hit the 1-9 combination. The 9-ball is pocketed and the 1-ball is joined back with his group. Interesting shot if you catch my drift (P.S. This is Eric Yow's Version).


D.O.D 9

Rocket Masse


For this version, I added on a narrow gap with using the Delta Racks and a split combination at the end where the 3 ball rolls towards the corner pocket on the right. However, the cue ball follow it into the pocket, surprisingly!


D.O.D 8

Mingaud Masse-Jump


This is one of favorite cool-looking masse-jump shots. I masse-jump the cue ball out of the rack, and it zips right now the long rail to pocket the 8-ball. Next time, I''m gonna try masse-jumping the cue ball over blocker balls surrounding the cue ball instead of a rack.


D.O.D 12

Yo Yo Masse


Another classic trick shot where I masse the cue ball pass the side pocket line and pocket the 9-ball. I've been pretty confident with this trick shot lately, maybe I should use it in upcoming free style tournaments. Should I?


D.O.D 10

Venom's Running Masse


Florian pulled this shot off as a part of a partner shot back in 2013 for World Cup of Trick Shots. Masse around the rack and before it comes back to hit the short rail, masse around the rack again to make the object ball. The cue stick is there for guiding the cue ball to the pocket. I love this shot for how pretty it looks, and I hope you will like it as well.


D.O.D 11

SP Masse-Jump


This is one of Stefino Pelinga's signature shots. I have the cue ball about a chalk distance from the 1-ball, and I masse-jump the cue ball into the 1-ball, pocketing it in, and the cue ball hops over and curves around three rails to pocket the 5-ball. I had a better version of this shot, but the noise in the background from construction kind of ruined it for me since I'm a perfectionist for trick shots. 


D.O.D 13

* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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