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Masse Shots

Masse shots are ones where the cue ball is loaded up with lots of spin, deviates from its obvious straight line path and curves on its own without hitting a rail or an object ball. This includes pique shots which are very similar to masse shots, but the cue ball come backs against the directional stroke.
Masse-Jump shots are where the cue ball jumps over an obstruction and makes a curve around the object balls or other props on the table.

Webber's Resistance Masse


This was one of Matthew Webber's trick shots that made him famous from his YouTube viral video back in July 2015. I reccomend you use a ton of chalk for this one because there might be a good chance to miscue one of the balls rolling back to you. Also, the balls must never touch the short rail in front of you and must be rolling before each hit, otherwise the shot is no good.


D.O.D 11

Half Masse Jump


This is the shot that I had a hard time doing for the past 7 years. Until just recently, I was able to do this with my stinger jump cue. The shot is easy for me now and I don't know why I struggled with this shot so much when a jump cue was the answer to my problems. Have fun with this easy creation of mine.


D.O.D 7

Quadruple Masse


Florian Kohler made this shot in his second YouTube collaboration video with Iana "Venomette" Kohler. It's a pretty impressive shot, but it's not repeatable by the standards of trick shot competitions. One day, Florian might pull it off in two attempts.


D.O.D 11

Terrific Masse Jump


Pavel Paledno did this shot for one of his YouTube videos back in 2008. This requires a short masse cue to get the ball jumping and spinning. I used a Crown Masse Cue that I recieved back in 2009 and it works wonderfully every time I do shots like these, except it's only for a short time until the Le Pro tip falls off. Be aware of that when you buy one like mine.


D.O.D 12

Masse Juggles


This is a variation I created a couple years ago. It's where I add multipe masse/juggles to the cue ball and my record so far is five for massing the cue ball. I should even point out that you must not go pass the center of the table when juggling. Get ready to chalk up if you are going to try this shot.


D.O.D 10

Lefty Righty Masse


This was one of Jamey Gray's ESPN Trick Shot Magic submissions from 2010. One side you masse with your normal hand, and the other side you masse with your opposite hand. I reccomend starting off with you opposite hand, that way the hard part is over for you. Time to work on your opposite hand if you want to try this shot.


D.O.D 10

Twisted Masse


Florian Kohler created this shot for his Venom Trickshot III video on YouTube a while ago. In the video he used a bikini girl instead of blocker balls and he used combined balls to make both hanger balls. This is more of a greater percentage version because if I were to use this shot on ESPN, I need to make it look like it can de done within two attempts. Have fun trying this shot if you can hold two masse cues.


D.O.D 10

Three Second Running Masse


This is the classic running masse with a timer of three seconds or less from hit to hit! I did it easily with a breeze, and I was hoping Florian was going to use it for ESPN last year. If you are familiar with this shot, give it a try with the three second timer.


D.O.D 10

Masse Gap


A new masse shot created by Nick Nikolaidis, but hasn't used it yet for Trick Shot Magic. The only thing I highly emphasize is that the cue ball has to go in between two blocker balls or the shot is no good if you go around both and make the hanger balls. It's a great shot, and I'd watch how you angle the masse cue on this one.


D.O.D 10

Road Runner Masse


I don't know the name of this shot, but this fits perfectly in my book. Florian used this last shot to defeat Gabi Visoiu in the finals of Trick Shot Magic in 2015. The goal is to do it in four seconds from the first ball pocketed to the second masse hit on the cue ball. The cue ball has to go pass the second diamond when rolling to make the other hanger ball. Gabi had no luck on this shot, and Florian became the new champion of Trick Shot Magic. Congrats, Florian!


D.O.D 10

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