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Masse Shots

Masse shots are ones where the cue ball is loaded up with lots of spin, deviates from its obvious straight line path and curves on its own without hitting a rail or an object ball. This includes pique shots which are very similar to masse shots, but the cue ball come backs against the directional stroke.
Masse-Jump shots are where the cue ball jumps over an obstruction and makes a curve around the object balls or other props on the table.

Venom's Masse Timing Switch


Now that I offically own three masse cues, I can finally show you how to execute this shot. The goal here is 6 seconds or less, starting at the time when you hit the first and until you hit the last one. More importantly, on the second cue ball, you have to masse behind your head, otherwise the shot is no good. Give it a try if you have Florian's technique, and I hope to see you guys be able to execute it someday. :) P.S. Another favorite of mine from my friend.


D.O.D 11

Wall Masse


A simple masse shot which requires cue ball hitting a rail and curve around a row of balls to pocket the hanging ball. The shot is not new, but it's a favorite and one for the ages. It's a timeless shot. Here, I used 14 balls to make the shot more difficult and cooler looking because 5 or 7 ain't pretty to me these days because that's not testing your limit. I always like to see people test their limits and see what they can accomplish by doing the impossible. It's what gets you the rewarding side of becoming a pro trick shot artist. Push your limit because it will take you places. :)


D.O.D 11

Rolling Pique Masse


Florian's goal is to roll the yellow ball and have it go pass the second diamond and have the cue ball masse into the yellow ball, pocket it, and come straight back for the hanging ball. You might remember this one from ESPN or "Venom Unleashed in Vegas" video, but this implies more of the Venom touch and taking trick shots to the next level.


D.O.D 10

Reading Rainbow shot


I like to call this the "Reading Rainbow" shot because of the rainbow effect and how it's a learning experience for you to try out this shot. Not because of the famous children's show from the old days of television. This shot has been around for many years right now, and it's been used in past tournaments before the change over in 2009. Others might call it "Rainbow" or "Pot O' Gold" or better yet, "They are always after me lucky charms!" Hahaha. Just a little joke.


D.O.D 9

Nick's Russian Masse Jump


Nick Nikolaidis did this shot for a Pool and Billiards Magazine, March 2010 issue. The cue ball jumps out of the rack, and hits the cue stick to masse around the row of balls while the cue stick is moving! This is a favorite for anyone who loves masse jump shots, but these shots can sometimes require the tip on the masse cue to come off more often than any other type of shots. The other clip shows a blooper version, but it shows the cue sticks moving back and forth which is awesome, and I think this can be possible to do in a few attempts. Hey, maybe I created another trick shot here!


D.O.D 10, 11

9 ball Combo Masse


Eric Yow challenged Ppooler to do this shot here, and he accepted it. I can honestly say that it was Eric Yow who started this whole influence for me in trick shots. Eric influenced Pavel to do trick shots. Then Pavel inspired me by his videos, and then, I'm inspiring not just one person, but more than 5 or 6 amatuers who have just got into the sport this year. Anyways, this is one that Eric inspired Pavel to be a trick shot artist and carried out that inspiration to others around the world.


D.O.D 9

Gap Masse


This one just recently got added to the Artistic Pool Program 2015 for the World's tournament in the masse category, but I think the creator of this shot was actually Eric Yow "The Preacher". Abram's is more of shooting the cue ball without an object ball frozen to it, which is this one here. It's a simple little shot, and it can be possible to have two balls instead of one to masse around.


D.O.D 9

Bottle Masse


This masse shot was created by Bruce Barthelette back in 2006. Sometimes, when it comes to great masse shots, they are created by those who inspire others to join the sport and come up with other shots that are more complicated and cool-looking. This one is used in the Artistic Pool Program now as we speak. Be sure not to break glass on the table!


D.O.D 8

Accidental Masse


This is more where I created the shot by "accident", but I did it again later on, and it's possible to make in few attempts. Now I must say that Tom Buzz must've done this shot a few years ago in 2008, but does this mean that he created the shot? I know that I shouldn't be taking people's credit on a shot they created. People who competed in tournments should have a chance to get their name out, and get credit for the trick shot they've created. If you want a trick shot to get famous for, you should compete to see if you're shots are not fake and can be done in a few attempts. YouTube generation is at large now, so we will see which trick shot is fake or not. This one isn't, and I believe Tom Buzz should be credited for creating this shot then.


D.O.D 11

Long Pique


For this last shot, this is one where the cue ball goes down the long rail, pockets the yellow ball, and masse back to pocket the orange ball. It's as simple as that. Now, you may need to keep in mind that you can add racks to each corner pocket in case you want it to be a little easier for you or maybe blocker balls. It's your choice. Most of the time, trick shot artists on ESPN do an easier version of the shots they picked to make it less difficult and more crowd pleasing. If not, then they just got mad skills in trick shooting. Try it, you know you'll like this one.


D.O.D 10

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