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Masse Shots

Masse shots are ones where the cue ball is loaded up with lots of spin, deviates from its obvious straight line path and curves on its own without hitting a rail or an object ball. This includes pique shots which are very similar to masse shots, but the cue ball come backs against the directional stroke.
Masse-Jump shots are where the cue ball jumps over an obstruction and makes a curve around the object balls or other props on the table.

Andy's Extreme Hustler Masse


This was a shot, Andy Segal got me on when I competed in the 2015 UTS tournament in New York. We were tied in the final game, but I missed this shot as Andy and I were neck to neck for the title. It's an extended version of the same shot from his CBS interview, but the cue ball has to go pass the side pocket. Give the shot a try, but I must tell you, the 1-ball doesn't have to be made.


D.O.D 10

Masse Jump Reverse (Original)


This is the shot that got me into Artistic Pool, and I've seen this for the first time on video by Ppooler back in September 2006! Sadly, he didn't created the shot, it was Eric Yow who came up with the concept and made it on video for Ppooler to accept his challenge. For the second clip, you can literally see my tip had broken off after I masse jump the cue ball!


D.O.D 10

Machine Gun Masse - Behind the Back


Florian Kohler made this on ESPN 2014 for the first time on Trick Shot Magic, but remember you don't have to hit every ball while the cue ball zip zag's through the alley. He pulled it off with ease, but Andy made it as well, surprisingly! He made it by knocking out a bunch of balls and it touched only two balls to make the hanger ball. I'm guessing he kind of cheated, but rules are rules, every ball doesn't need to be hit.


D.O.D 10

The Secret Masse


It's been a secret to me on how to do this shot since I've seen Glanville pulled it out for the UTS tournament at the Big Kahuna. The secret to performing it is to masse the cue ball around the two ball and make the combo for the 9 to go in. The tricky part is you have to masse the cue ball while it's frozen to the object ball. Many players have a tough time with this shot, so I'm guessing they will never know the secret until they solve the problem. Make this a part of your new year's resolution. 


D.O.D 10

Masse Jump Out & Reverse


This is one my pen pal did in one of his trick shot videos in 2008, and it is possible to make. I'm not kidding! The deal here is you need to have a short masse cue, and good spin to make it jump that high and spin back. I've proven that a guy like me can do some of Ppooler's trick shots and make them look practicable. It's all a matter of knowing how long until your tip falls off.


D.O.D 10

Gabi's Wicked Masse


Gabi submitted this shot in his submissions list for TSM 2010. It's like a Minguad Masse, but more like making a hook around the bottle to pocket the hanger ball. It's a very hard masse shot and one that Gabi is very capable of making it almost every time during his shows back in Romania. I should suggest a plastic bottle, but if you are very good at not hitting the glass bottle as much, then just keep on using glass, until it break eventually....


D.O.D 10

Bogdan's Masse (Version 2)


This shot was made by Nick Nikolaidis who competed for the 2010 UTS tournament in Las Vegas. It's an extended version of the "Out of the Rack" Masse shot and it's compatible on many different size tables. It even can work on a 6ft bar table at your local pool bar. Give the shot a try, I know you''ll love it.


D.O.D 8

The "Walking Dead" Masse


This is a shot Florian recently made on video, and I just had to accept his challenge. I called it "The "Walking Dead" Masse because it's a very inhuman kind of shot, and one I developed a story using the shows references. Rick Grimes goes around his friends to kill the oncoming walker "8 ball", but then he got bitten and ran back (as a zombie) to kill off his friends and families. The End. Wasn't that such a charming story boys and girls?


D.O.D 10

Narrow Rainbow Masse


This shot was done by Nick Nikolaidis during the 2010 UTS freestyle tournament and one that is perfect for amateurs to learn masse shots easily. GIve this shot a try, and I bet you will be addiced to masse shots like these ones.


D.O.D 9

Pelinga's Double Masse


One of team europe's trick shots from World Cup of Trick Shots 2011. It's a shot I treasure the most one bceause it has a double rainbow effect which makes it eye appealing to the audience members like you. If you are a pro at trick shots, and want to try a shot that fits your taste buds, go for it. You can find the diagram on the Artistic Pool Players website and find it in the shot program of Team Europe shot submissions.


D.O.D 10

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