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If you want one side (no top side) engraved, email me at:

Price for only one side (no top side) of the rack: $5.00  

For purchase of engravings, send me payment through paypal at

This ball rack is precision machined for a better break. This Delta-13 Elite aluminum rack has been plated with 24-karat gold. Under the gold plating is nickel, due to the gold unable to attach to the aluminum. After the plating is done, the rack is then engraved.  This rack is fully functional and is held to the same tolerances and standards as the Delta-13 racks used by the professional pool players. The ergonomic grip helps to remove the rack from the table. If necessary, use window cleaner to remove finger prints and dirt. This rack comes with a gold bag for storage and a cleaning kit. This ball rack is used by trick shot artist Florian Kohler, Darren Appleton and Mika Immonen.  Made in the U.S.A.

24K Gold


    - Printout of CMM Measurement


    - Engraving Customization


    - 2 Engraved Rails Included- 30 Characters max per rail (Logo extra $25)




    Patents: US D595.383 | US D577.091 | Europe: RCD000920608-0001 | RCD000920608-0002


    NOTE: Actual product engraving and color may vary from online picture

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