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Email me which inserts you like to own at:

2 Sets of Elite Leather Inserts
2 Sets of Select Leather Inserts

If you want either of the two inserts engraved, email me at:

Price for each side from either type: $5.00

For purchase of insert engraving, send me payment through paypal at 

For any questions about inserts or anything else, email me.

Enhance your racks elegance with the Delta Insert which easily fits into rails. 100% fine leather grip for easy rack removal and weighs under 4 ounces. Select the proper size for the Delta-13 Select or the Delta-13 Elite racks. Adding these inserts to your Delta-13 Select or Delta-13 Elite ball racks will dramatically change the sound of racking the balls. One insert will have either the Delta-13 Select or Delta-13 Elite logo, depending or your selection. The other two are blank and available for engraving. Made in the U.S.A.

Delta-13 Leather Inserts


  • Includes 3 leather strips with adhesive. It does not include a ball rack.

    NOTE: Actual product engraving and color may vary from online picture

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