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If you want any or both of the two sides and/or the top side engraved, email me at:

Price for each side: $5.00.

For purchase of engravings, send me payment through paypal at

For any questions about engravings or anything else, email me.

This Delta-13 Select ball rack is Precision Machined for a Better Break. The 16oz ball rack is made from three aluminum anodized rails and held together by stainless steel screws. This ball rack comes in two colors; Pitch Black and Silver Grey. This ball rack is used by trick shot artist Florian Kohler, featured on professional tours including; Predator Tour, Lonestar Billiards Tour, Great Southern Billiards Tour, Wisconsin Pool Players Society Tour, National Amateur Pool League (NAPL), and several amateur leagues. Made in the U.S.A.

Delta 13 Select

Rack Color

  • Patents: US D595.383 | Europe: RCD 000920608-0001

    NOTE: Actual product engraving and color may vary from online picture

    NOTE: The Select ball rack is not recommended for pool halls, please see the Elite ball rack.

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