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Prop, Novelty, & Special Arts Shots

The shots here are the ones that are least likely to come up in a regular game of pool. These shots require, a rack or a bridge as a prop, shooting a moving ball (wing shots), shooting one-handed, or even speed shots that involves shooting multiple balls in a set amount of time.
Joke shots don't really require a cue stick to perform with, but specific skill is still required.
This discipline is also known as the general amusement category.

Easy Button *


A classic shot developed by Andy Segal, and this is the original version before the other variations you saw earlier of this type of shot. Setup and everything on this shot is all the same except shooting the last 5 balls opposite handed which is the hard part. Another thing too, this is the shot Andy Segal won his 3rd straight Trick Shot Magic Title from 2013. 


D.O.D 7




Rollin' Stick


One of my friend Pavel Paledno's creations and one of his best. I just can't understand why this shot is not even in competitions yet, but you can see why it should be on TV. So, here's why. Shoot the cue ball into the rack, the rack pushes the cue stick and it rolls a full 90 degrees to pocket the 1 ball. At the same time, the rack also pockets the 5, and the cue ball draws back to pocket the 3 ball. This is a very fun shot and even Pavel told me that himself.


D.O.D 10

Split Mirror Railroad


This here is a shot that was from ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots 2013. Nick and Luke made a partner shot where they shoot the cue balls into each other at the same time, bounce back, and go up the railroad to make a mirrored railroad shot. This here is made for one person. I split the balls and they go up the railroad to pocket the other hanging balls into the side pockets. This is a very pretty shot, so have a look at it why don't ya? 


D.O.D 10

Glanville's Easy Alternate


Another juggling shot here just like Easy Button from up top, but this is Jimmy "The General" Glanville's setup shot where you pocket first 7 in the corner pocket and then pocket the other 7 balls into the opposite side before the cue ball knockes the 15 ball into the same pocket. He challenged me on this shot in Ultimate Tour 2014, but I made it with ease.


D.O.D 7

9 & 11 Ball Speed Shot *


A shot from the WPA Artistic Pool Program. Shoot the cue ball two rails and before it goes into the corner pocket next to the butt stick. Shoot 1 - 3 in the corner, 4 - 6 in the side, and 7 - 9 pocket in the opposite corner. It's very pretty to watch because of all the action that's going on. Hey, it can even be done with 11 or 12 balls, but for now, 9 is good enough. In the second clip, I shoot 11 balls.


D.O.D 9




Pinball 2


A shot where it was invented by a trick shot player named Chef Anton. Not very familiar with the name, but I am familiar with Pavel Paledno for making a video of it. This is a fun shot, but easy to execute, so hopefully, this shot can make it to trick shot competitions. Do you agree with me?


D.O.D 7

Pinball Wizard


Andy Segal's big big big creation, probably bigger than most of his shots I've seen on live TV. Speaking of TV, I saw this on ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2009 by no other than Andy Segal. The goal here is to make the cue ball go around the whole table and pocket all 6 balls into their pockets. Here I did it on my first attempt on camera and learning the shot for the first time! After I showed a friend this shot, he said to me, "Your a wizard, Willy." 


D.O.D 9



10 in 1 Rebound


A forgotten Ppooler trick shot that needs some attention. A rack is frozen to the row of balls close to the corner pocket and the cue ball is frozen to two balls lined up to their designated pockets. Shoot the cue ball and watch those balls disappear. I think this shot is quite fancy looking, but it really needs more attention because this is a practicable trick shot for me.


D.O.D 9

Markle's Speed Madness


I have to agree with Gabi here, "They call that a speed shot?" He pulled it off with such ease that he decided to slow down on the last 5 or 6 balls just to make fun of Steve Markle (Team USA) for picking this shot. Hey, nobody hated each other after that because here in the trickshot industry, we treat the game of trick shots and other artsits like true gentleman. But here's the shot, and tell me if you agree with Gabi's question.


D.O.D 6

Slide Around The Table


Okay, I'm sorry people, but this shot is the hardest prop shot for me to get adjusted with. Pavel created this shot, but it's hard for me to duplicate it if my parents or friends want to see a shot like this. Plus, I saw this on Pavel's trickshot video back in 2009, and this was the main highlight of his latest and last trick shot video where he executes shots on a 9 ft table. Now he owns an 8ft in a room in which he calls it, "The Billiard Laboratory". Under that category, this shot here fits right in.


D.O.D 14

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* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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