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Prop, Novelty, & Special Arts Shots

The shots here are the ones that are least likely to come up in a regular game of pool. These shots require, a rack or a bridge as a prop, shooting a moving ball (wing shots), shooting one-handed, or even speed shots that involves shooting multiple balls in a set amount of time.
Joke shots don't really require a cue stick to perform with, but specific skill is still required.
This discipline is also known as the general amusement category.

One-Handed Easy Button


I saw this crazy variation in a YouTube video where Andy Segal did the "Easy Button" shot, but all one handed. He did this at the Allen Hopkin's Super Billards Expo 2013, and he slammed the door shut. I tried it myself, and it requires a bit of balance to hold the cue in place after each ball hit to be made into the pocket. I don't know how many more Andy is going to create for the "Easy Button" shot, but let hope that there isn't more variations to where it gets too complicated for other players to execute. Enjoy!


D.O.D 11

5-Ball Chain Reaction *


This shot is part of the Artistic Pool Program book, and it can be seen in many YouTube trickshot videos including one of Florian Kohler's videos on his YouTube channel page. It's a crowd pleaser one because after the cue ball goes 5 rails, it sets off the chain reaction to pocket the 9 ball. It's a good one to learn if you are starting, in trick shots but maybe afterwards, try challenging yourself on a shot similar to this. Productivity inspires creativity.


D.O.D 8

Glanville's Pinball Shot


Glanville created this little pinball shot he created for the UTS tour recently. It's one of his own creations where it's maybe hard to do, but if you get the angle and speed right, it'll be easy for you. He pulled this off in front of me, but when I had the chance to do it, I surprisingly made it on my first attempt. It's a pretty shot that I know you'll enjoy.


D.O.D 8

Andy's Double Juggle


Another variation of the Easy Button shot where you juggle two balls instead of a cue ball, and the rest is all the same. I love this one because when you add another object ball to juggle three rails around, it makes the shot more interesting to watch nowadays. Easy Button is a great shot, but I'm starting to be more interested in other variations of this type of shot because once you learned what you already taught yourself, you want to learn more of the more difficult ones.


D.O.D 10



1, 2, 3, 4 Rails *


Andy Segal came up with the shot from ESPN TSM 2008 and both he and Eric selected this same shot against their opponents during the semi-final matches. If you practice this shot, it should all come easy to you on where to hit the ball hit. Keep in mind to give yourself plenty of time to get into position before the cue ball comes back to you.


D.O.D 8

Gordon's Triple Wing Shot


This is Gordon's Triple Wing Shot that he created for the UTS tour in Southington, CT. You do the standard wing shot, both left and right, and then you have a choice of either right or left for the 8-ball. When rolling, it must be hit before it hits the bottle on the spot. It's kind of difficult to do because of how you got to change positions everytime when you are doing a wing shot. Especially, since you are switching from one after another. Gordon Hedges came up with this shot, but I haven't seen much success in it due to it's difficulty, but it's a practicable shot, don't get me wrong.


D.O.D 11

Be Still


In Andy's Howcast trick shot series, he did a demontration on making this same shot here. The objective is the make all the balls go in their designated pockets without knocking down the chalk ballanced on the cue ball. The Delta Rack is used in case if the 1 ball doesn't reach the pocket. In the next video, I made a "Ppooler" version where the object balls hit the "railroad racks" and make all the balls fall in with the object balls. Click on the video to see them in motion.


D.O.D 8

The Slider *


One of Andy Segal's favorite shots to use in competitions. It can be a little tricky to do, but once you figure it out, it should be no trouble for you to repeat the shot in one or two attempts. I used a masse cue because the heavier it is, the less the cue ball will move the stick to pocket the 9 ball. If you used a regular playing cue, the cue ball will force it to go pass the side pocket and miss the 9 ball. Just a word of advice.


D.O.D 7




Jimmy's Juggle


Jimmy "The General" Glanville created a shot where it's similar to Jamey's Juggle, but you have to pocket the first three into the same corner pocket, and then split two balls after the last three rails around. I tried to duplicate his technique, but the sad thing is the 5 ball was set up incorrectly and missed the pcoket by a hair. The video here <--- shows you how the shot is done and all I can say is practice, practice, practice when trying the shot out.


D.O.D 10

Andy's Juggle


There has been a Jamey Gray variration and a Jimmy Glanville version of the same type of shot, but now I present to you, "Andy's Juggle". It's like Jamey's Juggle, but you have to hit two balls into the pocket before hitting the cue ball three rails again. 5-8 in the corner, and the 1-4 go into the side pocket. Afterwards, the cue ball has to go completely under the bridge and shoot the cue ball down the table to pocket the 9-ball. I have words on how to do it, but just practice, practice, practice. Practice makes perfect.


D.O.D 11

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* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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