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Prop, Novelty, & Special Arts Shots

The shots here are the ones that are least likely to come up in a regular game of pool. These shots require, a rack or a bridge as a prop, shooting a moving ball (wing shots), shooting one-handed, or even speed shots that involves shooting multiple balls in a set amount of time.
Joke shots don't really require a cue stick to perform with, but specific skill is still required.
This discipline is also known as the general amusement category.

Allen's 3 Rails & 3 Racks


This is another shot Allen Hopkins would show to his fellow TV viewers who were watching Trick Shot Magic or World Cup of Trick Shots. He shoots the cue ball three rails and then the cue ball is guided by three racks to pocket the object ball in the corner pocket. It's a simple but pretty hard shot for those who are starting to get into trick shots. I love this shot so much for how the racks guide the cue ball, so this make it another favorite on my list. :)


D.O.D 8

Andy's Juggle (Original)


After watching Trick Shot Magic 2014. I then realized that I have done the shot backwards. I juggled the cue ball three rails, but I worked my way up to the other side of the table instead of starting off with the first four in the side pocket. So, my bad, and here's the true version that was successfully executed by both Nick Nikolidis and Andy Segal. Don't forget, Andy created this shot as well.


D.O.D 10

Golf Ball


People have always wondered on how to bank the object ball in the opposite corner pocket with a cue ball, but sadly, it's not really possible. There's a trick to it though, you replace it with a golf ball, hit the object ball off the rail, and boom! It goes into the corner pocket. This is more where you want to surprise someone if he or she doesn't know the physics and geometry of pool. You show them shots like this and they might get an interest going for a while until you show them something else that will intrigue them even more.


D.O.D 8

Gordon's Gauntlet


I remember Gordon Hedges pulled out a shot like this for the Ultimate Trick Shot Tour last year, but he didn't challenge me on this one. However, I still saw how the shot is done, so I learned it myself and eventually, it became another favorite of mine. It's a fun looking shot, and it doesn't require much skills on his particular one just more on where to shoot for the cue ball to zig zag and pocket the 9. It's a beauty, but thank Gordon for creating this pretty looking shot.


D.O.D 9


Grodon's Phantom Wing Shot


This is more of a shot where Gordon possibly combined two shots into one. He rolls down the 8 and 9 ball and then shoots the cue ball to wing shot the 8 in the corner and have the cue ball disappear into the corner pocket before the 9 ball falls in. So I decided to call it the Phantom wing shot because of the effect of the cue ball being pocketed before the 9 ball like in the original "Phantom" shot from the book program. The blocker balls are there as a passing lane to shoot the 8 ball after it passes them.


D.O.D 10

Rebound 2


This is the easier version of the "Rebound" shot from Andy's Cue Magic book. You hold the jump cue sticks to where you can shoot both balls at the same time, but be able to make them in the corner pockets. With the help of a Delta Rack, it's not possible to miss the shot because of how much space you have to pocket simultaneously. Don't forget to move the cue sticks out of the way quickly, so you can let the object balls fall in smoothly.


D.O.D 9

Lazy Man's Rack


An easy shot you can use to start your next trickshot show. I know it's a simplistic shot, but it's worth entertaining for the audience to start off something simple at first. Then afterwards, you can choose whatever kind of shots you want to pick, but it must be makable within 3 attempts. Anyways, here's the lazy man's rack, and if you are new to trick shots, this is the one for you to start with.


D.O.D 5

Will's Waterfall


This is a shot I came up that is exceedingly simple. I used a barrier I used in a previous shot, and I tilt it knocking off all four balls to make them bounce off the rails and zoom into the side pocket. I know it's easy, but hey, anyone can do this shot, if you have a wooden barrier to use. If you have one already, try it. It's really cool looking and easy.


D.O.D 6

Giumelli's Ride the Bridge


An old trick shot that was created by Sebastian Giumelli back in 2005 I should say. It's a fun and easy creative one, so if you ever want to learn shots from the man, this is one for you. In this video, you can use a bridge or even two cues of your choice. Just remember to set up the object balls in the correct position and enough space for them to make the shot happen. 


D.O.D 9

Nick's Rail Speed Shot


I remember seeing this trick shot sometime back in 2008 when pool trick shots were becoming popular then. One of them happens to be this shot from Nick Nikolaidis. It was a trick shot for Pool and Billiards Magazine and it was for the December 2008 issue and Nick did a demonstration of the shot on video. He did a 10-ball version, but I did only 8 balls because I only have so much room for the pool balls. In the near future, I will film a ten ball version on a pool table with gulley pockets. :) 


D.O.D 10

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* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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