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Stroke, Draw & Follow Shots

Stroke shots, in particular, require good technique and control. It's where the cue ball is close to or even frozen to an object ball. Speed control and accuracy position shots would also be categorized in this discipline.
Draw shots require the cue ball to be hit below center giving it backspin, so when it hits an object ball, it will draw back along its inital path.
Follow shots are the opposite of draw, the cue ball is struck above center giving it top spin, so it continues along its initial path after it hits an object ball.

Circular Follow Pinball *


One of my favorite trick shots and one that was creatd by Mike Massey. Nick Nikolaids used this shot in the finals of Trick Shot Magic 2013, but Andy came back to even the score. Take a look to see how pretty it looks when this contraption is in motion.


D.O.D 9



Little Squirt


Now this one I've learned recently while filming at the same time. It's like a push shot, but you got to give it a swoop over the balls to pocket the object ball. It's a simple yet tricky little trick shot, but it looks surprising when executed. I promise you that it will look complicated at first, but the result will be very shocking.


D.O.D 12

Spinning Balls


Andy pulled this off in Trick Shot Magic (2013). You place an object ball by the spot ball and spin the object ball to where you will have time to do the same shot on the opposite site. Further note, a ball cannot touch a rail. Otherwise, the shot is no good.


D.O.D 10

Stroke Around The Ball


A similar version of this shot was stroking the cue ball around the rack. Now, here is the advanced version. You stroke the cue ball into the 1 ball, hop over the row of balls and go around the 9 ball on the center diamond short rail. It can be such a hard shot, but I can guarantee that the 1 ball may not go in if you stroke the ball too hard.


D.O.D 11

Jamey's Resistance Jump


It's similar to Andy's Resistance Jump from his Cue Magic book, but I find this shot to be much easier than Andy's. So, I decided to call it Jamey's Resistance Jump because he performed this shot on ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2013 and made it flawlessly. So here you go, but, "don't try this at home kids."


D.O.D 10

Zig Zag *


Mike Massey's creation here is a one of a kind stroke shot. Hit the 1 ball to send it down to both long rails and make the object balls in on the other side of the table. I had to put it up because of how awesome it looks. Give it a try, but I would start off doing this shot without the barriers in the way if you're a beginner to trick shots.


D.O.D 11




Resistance Jump Around The Table


One of Nick Nikolaidis special trick shots. He used this shot to beat Andy in the finals of Trick Shot Magic 2013, but Andy couldn't find a way to get the cue ball over the bridge. Now, I couldn't get all 5 balls into the pocket, but I sure made the cue ball go three rails to make the 9 ball. Next time, I will try to get all 5 balls in... :)


Update 08/18/16: I was able to get all five balls in and have the cue ball go three rails to make the hanger. It took a while for me to learn this one, but this shot was definitely worth the wait on executing.


D.O.D 10

Close Draw Split


It's a combination of a close draw on an object ball and splitting two into the pockets. My position here is to have the cue stick move to the right where the cue ball will have room to spin and make the object ball in the far right corner. If you are a master at shots like these, you should no problem learning this shot.


D.O.D 9

Venom's Mini Stroke Shot


Okay now here's a true Venom trick shot, but a mini version. Florian pulled it off with ease in the World Cup of Trick Shots 2013, but he made the cue ball go all the way down the long rail to the corner pocket to hit the 5 ball in. Instead, I placed it by the side pocket. I use to do it easily, but somehow on that particular day, I had no energy to make the cue ball go all the way down to the corner pocket. If I have time, I will do the original version, so live with it people...


D.O.D 9

Glanville's Stroke Challenge


This is a shot Jimmy Glanville challenged me on for the win of the match during the Ultimate Trick Shot Tour 2014. I stroke the cue ball into the 1 and falls into the corner pocket. The cue ball spins off the long rail and must not hit the rack. Finally, it spins off the short rail to set off the chain reaction to make the combination. I made this shot on my third attempt and defeated Jimmy Glanville to advance in the tournament.


D.O.D 11

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* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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