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Stroke, Draw & Follow Shots

Stroke shots, in particular, require good technique and control. It's where the cue ball is close to or even frozen to an object ball. Speed control and accuracy position shots would also be categorized in this discipline.
Draw shots require the cue ball to be hit below center giving it backspin, so when it hits an object ball, it will draw back along its inital path.
Follow shots are the opposite of draw, the cue ball is struck above center giving it top spin, so it continues along its initial path after it hits an object ball.

Jump Fouette *


This is a shot that was featured in Andy Segal's Cue Magic Book, but here is a variation of this that I saw on one of Tim Chin's YouTube videos that includes Tom Rossman executing it. I love this version more because you have more going on than just the cue ball moving past the bottles.


D.O.D 10



This shot has been around since probably 2000 when Artistic Pool was just starting out back then. Here a cluster of three balls is close by the side pocket and the cue ball hits the cluster to curve through the gap to make the 8 ball, plus the three cluster balls go into their designated pockets. Pretty looking shot don't you think?


D.O.D 9

Split Sticks *


Here's another shot from Andy's Book, but you can also find it in the WPA Shot Program at You jump stroke into the 1 ball and then he cue ball hopes over the stick, but at the same time, the one ball opens up the gate for the cue ball to pocket the 5 ball. Also too, the 1 ball goes in the opposite corner pocket with a cue stick guiding it in. One of the new shots I learned that day, but to master in the near future. Enjoy!


D.O.D 10

2mm Gate Draw *


Here's a fancy draw shot that is featured in the WPA pool program book. Abram Diaz can whiplash this shot pretty easily since he has such a phenomal stroke that is equally as good as Mike Massey's stroke. Here's the shot, and I hope you like it, folks!


D.O.D 10

Rendezvous Fouette *


This is a classic shot developed by Sebastian Giumelli. It has been in various trick shot events as well as Trick Shot Magic 2009. The shot is very easy to learn, but it's cool looking to see the action happening on the table. I highly recommend Amatuers to have a go at it because this shot is not hard to execute.


D.O.D 8




Nanglemine Draw


Dave "Triple Jump" Nangle developed this shot from an old concept by Joe "The Phantom" Lemaine. Dave's part was requiring the curve and going around a blocker object. My version here is where the 8-ball is on top of a beer bottle. You don't have to make all the balls in but you must make the 5 ball. I couldn't execute this shot in front of Dave Nangle at the Ultimate Trick Shot Tour 2014, but I know I made it by someone else during the time; I just don't know who.


D.O.D 9



Ultimate Trap Shot


A Mike Massey Classic. Shoot the cue ball into the long rail to make it around the three blocker balls as well as the wall of balls a diamond and a half away. The Cue Ball will curve around and through the gap to make the object ball in the opposite corner pocket. A bit challenging, but just try and see if you can do it.


D.O.D 10

The Snake Shot


Here my variation of this classic shot. Shoot the cue ball out of the tight squeeze from the 1-ball and have it swing around pass the object balls to make the 9-ball in the corner pocket. This is a much more interesting setup of the shot because I wanted to make it a bit more challenging than having just one ball at the center of the table. It's interesting to watch even if you have to slow it down. :)


D.O.D 9

Karate Chop


This is one Andy Segal used in ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2010 against Jamey Gray. Shoot the cue ball like in the video, and it will draw back to hit the short rail cushion and maybe bounce back. Here I made the cue ball bounce back to the 2nd dimond from the short rail which mean I get 9 points according to the Artistic Pool Program.


D.O.D 10

Last Man Spinning *


Man this is one tough trick shot. This is one from Andy Segal's book, but man you got to have good stroke. Main goal here is to spin every striped ball and make the solid balls in before the 9 ball stops spinning. Also, a rule of thumb, you must make sure to not have any of the stripe balls touch a rail or the shot is no good. This is a very pretty shot watching all the balls spin at the same time, but now, this is another favorite of mine on my favorite trick shot list. Watch those balls spin!


D.O.D 12

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* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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