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Stroke, Draw & Follow Shots

Stroke shots, in particular, require good technique and control. It's where the cue ball is close to or even frozen to an object ball. Speed control and accuracy position shots would also be categorized in this discipline.
Draw shots require the cue ball to be hit below center giving it backspin, so when it hits an object ball, it will draw back along its inital path.
Follow shots are the opposite of draw, the cue ball is struck above center giving it top spin, so it continues along its initial path after it hits an object ball.

Andy's Resistance Jump *


I've seen this multiple times from his Howcast videos as well as in competitions, but this is clearly one of Andy's best shots. You stroke the cue ball into the frozen balls, and then, after you push the cue stick through, the cue ball will fly through the rack elevated on plastic cups, draw back on the long rail cushion, and it will bank off to make the 9-ball. The butt stick is optional, but I think it's mandatory for this hard shot.


D.O.D 11

Don't Hug The Rail


It's the advanced version of the simple follow shot. After pocketing the object ball, the cue ball caroms off the cushion on the other side of the side pocket and arcs around the blocking ball, making the hanging ball near the corner pocket. I suggest you try this shot without the blocker ball just to get the feel of it.


D.O.D 10


Stroke Around The Table


Here's a classic one everyone loves. Stroke the cue ball into the frozen balls, and it will travel three rails to pocket the 9-ball. I added a stacker ball with the 8-ball on top in the middle to make it even harder.


D.O.D 10

Gabi's Future Classic *


Gabi "Mr. Perfect" Visoiu's creation is a pretty hard shot because it can mostly be done on used table cloth. So, you stroke the cue ball into the 1, and it will hop over the row of balls, go past the rack to hit two rails, and it will hit the rack to make the object ball. Like i said, it's easier on used cloth, but it looks like I can possibly make this shot without the rack. Maybe...


D.O.D 9




Whip Massacre


Abram "Too Tall" Diaz was given credit for inventing this shot. Here, I stroke the cue ball around the 3-ball and machine gun down the alley to pocket the 5-ball into the corner pocket. For some reason, it looks even prettier when you have swirly balls to add a little more style to the trick shot. Do you agree with me?


D.O.D 10


2 & 2


I saw this shot from somewhere, but mostly, I think it was Luke Szywala who created this shot. Split the two balls on the spot and have the cue ball draw back into the cue stick, knocking the ball into the side and roll down to make the hanger in the corner. It's not as difficult as it looks, but pretty soon, you'll find this shot easy to do.


D.O.D 9



One-Handed Draw


This is where you draw the cue ball back one-handed and jacked-up to pocket the object ball near the opposite side pocket. WIth the help of a rack, it should be no problem for oyu unless you're an amateur to this.


D.O.D 9



Zig Zag Follow


A shot where you apply top spin to the cue ball, bank off the 1-ball to carom off the three balls and pocket the 5-ball. I reccomend that you add an extra ball to the hanger ball just to make it easier for you to get use to. Other than that, I like how the cue ball zig zag's its way around the blocker balls, so therefore, this is one of my new favorite shots because of how cool it looks.


D.O.D 9

Draw Reverse


One of the shots from the Artistic Pool Program. Here just draw the cue ball back from the 1 to make the 5-ball in. Nothing to it, right?


D.O.D 7

Curve Around The Wall


You may look at it as a masse shot because of the elevation of the cue stick, but it really is a stroke shot in my category. Stroke the cue ball towards the short rail to pocket the 1-ball in the corner and curve it around the wall to make the 9-ball on the opposite side. From looking at the video, I think I can curve the cue ball around ten balls instead of eight just by looking on how much room I had on that shot. Next time, I guess I''ll try ten and see if it's possible. 


D.O.D 9

* Shots that are featured in "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" book at

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