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The Top Current Trick Shot Artists

Andy "Magic Man" Segal

Known as “The Magic Man”, Andy Segal has been around playing with pool balls ever since after high school. The reason he’s called the magic man because he would do tons of magic tricks for fun with his friends and family members and one time when he was visiting his wife’s family for Christmas, one of the kids said, “When’s the magic man coming?” The name stuck with Andy afterwards. Andy’s been known for being the top leader in trick shot competitions and has a knack of keeping an intense focus during each tournament match. He’s currently the #1 trick shot artist and is a regular participant on ESPN Trick Shot Magic. With over 50 titles, trophies, and medals, he’s a true legend for the current generation of Artistic Pool and the next.

Current & 4x ESPN Trick Shot Magic Champion


4x WPA World Champion


3x ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots Champion


Current & 2x Ultimate Trick Shot Champion


Current & 5x Masters Champion


Author of Andy Segal's Cue Magic Book



Nick "Quick Nick" Nikolaidis

Known for being quick and accurate in his pool game, Nick Nikolaidis is currently the 3rd ranked Artistic Pool player in the world. He’s famous for creating a variety of speed shots as well as over 200 different trick shots that have been used in many different artistic pool programs by the UTS (Ultimate Trick-Shot) and the WPA-APD (World Pool Player Association – Artistic Pool Division). He’s won several Guinness Book of World Record titles, a regular ESPN participant, and created the Nick’s “Quick Tricks” template system where you place the trick shot templates on a table, place the balls in their little divot holes and shoot. He also won a record where he pocketed over 17,000 balls in 24 hours! That’s a lot of time being around a pool table. He’s been doing trick shots ever since the sport became official for competitions in 2000, and he will forever be known as the man who is quick at his game and quick on recoveries during a pool/trickshot match.

2014 WPA World Champion


Current & 4X ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots Champion


2X Masters Champion


Author of Nicks Quick Tricks


Current World Record holder for most balls pocketed in 24 hours!

Jamey "The Sharpshooter" Gray

Having been playing pool since he was a kid growing up in Connecticut, Jamey Gray knows all different types of tables and has been around playing in different pool leagues with nearly over 30 trophies and titles in 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, etc.  He’s known as “The Sharpshooter” because his sharp-eyed focus gave him great accuracy from shooting the cue ball to performing trick shots he knows best at. He was introduced to trick shots around 2007 when his friend Bruce Barthelette showed him the format of the game. In 2008, he became the World Artistic Pool Champion and climbing higher in the rankings years later. In 2012, he was inducted into the New England Pool and Billiard Hall of Fame where he’s recognized as one of the best pool players in the world. He’s currently the 3rd ranked Artistic Pool player in the world, and with a family of a wife and two kids, he sure knows how to juggle more than just pool balls on a table.

2012 Induction into New England Pool and Billiard Hall of Fame


2012 Shenyang Artistic Pool Masters World Cup


2008 WPA World Artistic Pool Champion


2010 Ultimate Trick Shot Tour, Player of the Year


2010 ESPN Trick Shot Magic, Runner-Up



Gabi "Mr. Perfect" Visoiu

A comedic pool player and trick shot artist, this Romanian young man knows how to make people laugh and entertained at the same time. He calls himself “Mr. Perfect” because of his knack of making perfect disciplines in nearly every artistic pool tournament he participated in. Just recently, he became the 2015 World Artistic Pool Champion that certainly earned his title on being the best with the best. He’s the current 2015 ESPN Trick Shot Magic Runner Up, the current World Draw Champion and is currently ranked 4th in the Artistic Pool World. In pool/trick shot tournaments and even in his free time, he always knows of ways to give people an itch for comedy even if he misses a shot.

2015 WPA World Champion


Current & 4x ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots Champion


Current World Draw Champion


3rd Place at The 2011 WPA World Championships



Tim "The Dragon" Chin

Goodness gracious great balls of fire! Tim Chin has been doing pool trick shots for over 10 years and knows just about every trick shot in every book and online. He calls himself “The Dragon” because of how much fire he brings to the pool table (not literally, lol), and his heritage family and culture in China. Tim Chin is also known for his website: where he teaches you how to do a huge variety of trick shots online through tutorials and videos on how the shot is executed. He is a top-ranked Artistic Pool player, a member of Team USA on ESPN’s World Cup of Trick Shots and has created many different shots that’ll kick some dragon fire in you. Be sure to check him on Facebook, Twitter, and his website to learn many different trick shots used in pool tournaments, created by other top-ranked players and his own creations. 

2010 UTS Tour Champion


3rd Place at The 2011 WPA World Championships


2011 ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots Runner Up


2014 World Special Arts Champion



Steve "Philly Flash" Markle

He’s fast, he flashes, and a Philly! Steve Markle is known for being a flasher in trick shots due to surprising people with his crazy speed trick shots he performs in various shows and trick shot tournaments. From Bensalem, Pennsylvania, this young man knows what it takes to perform trick shots at a young age. He started doing trick shots around 15 years old when YouTube was starting to take off in the digital media world and started showing pool trick shot videos. His first original nickname was “Triple C” meaning “Cool, Calm, and Collective”, but later changed it due to needing a better nickname that suits his skills in trick shots and where he’s from. He’s currently ranked 5th in the world for Artistic Pool and is a Team USA member for the World Cup of Trick Shots on ESPN. He can clean up any pool table as quick as a “flash” while even using the last can of Who “Hash”.

2013 ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots Runner Up


2013 WPA World Masse Champion


2013 Masters Runner Up


2012 US Open 3rd Place


3rd Place at The 2011 Ultimate Trick Shot Tournament (Las Vegas)



Florian "Venom" Kohler

Florian wasn’t much of a pool player and trick shot artist until his parents got him a pool table for his 18th birthday back in 2006. Now, he’s a viral Internet sensation all over Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Known for creating crazy masse shots and over 1000 or so new crazy configurations, Florian represents the next generation of pool trick shot artistry. If you watch one of his crazy trick shot videos, you can tell that nobody else in the world can do what he does best. He called himself the “Venom” due to his parents telling him how much he destroyed his pool table like he injected poison or “venom” on the felt. He’s the 2015 ESPN Trick Shot Magic Winner, and is currently a world top-ranked player in Artistic Pool. If you ever think about challenging him on any trick shot, you better think twice after you watch his Venom Trick Shot DVD series as well as his YouTube Videos.

Viral Internet Sensation!


Invented over 1,000 new trick shots!


Creator of Venom Trickshots I & II DVDs - Most Viewed Trick Shot Videos!


Current World Record holder for pocketing the most amount of balls in one minute!


2015 ESPN Trick Shot Magic Champion


Current & 2x ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots Champion


2010 ESPN Trick Shot Magic Semi-Finalist


2013 WPA World Special Arts Champion


2011 Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup V (Prop/Novelty/Special Arts)



Dave "Triple Jump" Nangle


A high-class referee on ESPN Trick Shot Magic, Dave Nangle is one of the best referee’s on Artistic Pool tournaments and on ESPN Trick Shot Magic. His attention to detail on every shot is so accurate that he can even tell what went wrong and what went as planned for each shot. He got the nickname “Triple Jump” from his own creation of holding three jump cues and jumping three balls at the same. If you have any questions on how to be a referee in a trick shot competition, be sure to follow him on Facebook to have an idea on how to point out mistakes from each player during each match.

Trick Shot Magic Referee


World Cup of Trick Shots Referee


Current Masters Draw Champion


2013 Masters Doubles Champion


2009 UTS Comet Billiards Champion


2010 ESPN Trick Shot Magic Participant


Matthew "The Stinger" Webber

Known as the trick shot prodigy kid from his huge following on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Matthew started fiddling with trick shots in his basement around 12 years old, but by the time he was 13, he was already learning over 200 different trick shots he viewed online and practiced at home. He learned trick shots created by various players such as Florian Kohler, Andy Segal, and Nick Nikolaidis and knows how to make them in a few attempts in his recent shows. His viral video that was shared on Florian Kohler’s Facebook page around July 2015 has totaled to now over 100 million views! He’s now a world-ranked player after participating in the 2016 US Open, and the reason he’s called “The Stinger” is because he was asking for good nicknames on social media pool group pages after his third trick shot video went viral. The name kind of stuck after William DeYonker told him to stick with it because it felt perfect for the youngster. Now he’s climbing up the rankings and taking Artistic Pool to next level with Florian Kohler, Steve Markle, and William DeYonker.




Won 2 out of 4 matches at the 2016 ASCISA US Open 

Over 24,000 likes on his Facebook page

Over 400,000 views on YouTube

Over 11,000 followers on Instagram


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